Representative Cases

  1. The founder, Mr. Guy J. Notte, successfully represented Georgia’s first alleged serial killer obtaining a reversal of his death sentence to life in 1978, which shows the company’s history of landmark wins. Mitigate the severity of criminal sentences and in, a lot of cases, put a stop to them completely.
  2. Until Renner v. State 260 Ga. 515 (1991) prosecutors would submit the Charge of Flight to a jury placing a heavy burden on a Defendant to explain his leaving the jurisdiction of or scene of a crime. Mr. Notte successfully convinced the Supreme Court of Georgia to abolish the Jury Charge of Flight.
  3. Prior to Bayshore v. Pruitt 334 S.E.2nd 213 (1985), a person who was raped or otherwise the victim of a crime in an apartment complex could not sue the apartment complex even if security was faulty or non-existent. In a case of first impression, Mr. Notte successfully argued to the Georgia Court of Appeals for the first time in Georgia that landlords have to take steps to minimize foreseeable danger from criminal acts when they have previously experienced similar crimes at the apartment complex. Bayshore v. Pruitt has been the law in Georgia ever since and has been cited in many law journals and cases throughout the United States. Recently the New York Court of Appeals cited Mr. Notte’s case Bayshore v. Pruitt in the case of Jacqueline v. City of New 81 NY 2nd 288 (1993). Mr. Notte eventually settled Ms. Pruitt’s case in 1985 for $150,000.00.
  4. Even as far back as 1979, Mr. Notte was a fervent advocate for the accused. In USA v. Albert Preston 608 F 2nd 626 (1979), Mr. Notte successfully argued to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that a trial judge must make an on the record finding of probative value before admitting a defendant’s prior crimes. The Preston case has been cited as authority by many cases since.
  5. In 1981, Mr. Notte was the first Georgia lawyer to use the Battered Wife Syndrome defense in a murder case. A 54 year old woman who shot and killed her police officer husband in DeKalb County, facing life in prison, was found guilty of misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter after a week long trial. She served six months counseling other battered women and then released.
  6. Mr. Notte successfully represented a contractor in 2008 being charged with murder for the shooting death of his employee. Through the effective use of forensic evidence, all charges were dropped.
  7. Charges dismissed in a Child Cruelty case in Barrow County after extensive investigation in 2009.
  8. In 1981, Mr. Notte settled a Wrongful Death case in Atlanta involving a faulty elevator for $400,000.00.
  9. In 2008, Mr. Notte obtained a 4.9 million dollar lifetime settlement for a man who was almost killed in a truck collision. Mr. Notte obtained this settlement for the victim and his wife. This was obtained after mediation and before a lawsuit was filed.
  10. Child Molestation charges dropped to Sexual Battery and probation in Morgan County in 2009.
  11. In the Federal Courts of Georgia, and South Carolina, Mr. Notte has had success in keeping Defendants from obtaining life sentences after being charged with major drug offenses.
  12. One of the most sensational and well publicized cases in the history of Atlanta dating from 1980’s to 1992 was the Handcuff Man Case. Mr. Notte’s representation of this man is detailed in the TruTV Crime Library or Google Guy J. Notte, Attorney at Law, The Handcuff Man. Facing life in prison in both Georgia and Florida where the crimes were committed, Mr. Notte successfully negotiated a 17 year concurrent sentence with both Georgia and Florida.
  13. Not Guilty verdict in a one week long trial representing a client charged with Manufacture of Methamphetamine in Baldwin County, Georgia in 2006.
  14. 2010 fatal head on collision in Georgia. Settled for 1.7 million.
  15. Wrongful death settlement of $550,000.00 after investigating a very questionable issue of liability. Child darted out from behind her father’s car and was hit and killed by a truck.
  16. 1.1 Million settlement for 2016 head on collision on I-20 with permanent/partial disability for severe injuries.